Strategic Land Acquisition

The need for extra housing is more acute than ever. A growing population and longer life expectancy means that supply can no longer meet demand. In fact, Government figures predict that five million new homes will be needed over the next 25 years.

This in turn places greater demand and greater value on land.

At Ruskin Properties, Strategic Land Acquisition is at the heart of our business. Our expertise enables us to identify new land and unlock development potential.

Strategic Planning, Professional Project Management

Whether it is Greenfield land considered appropriate for development or Brownfield areas which have previously been used for commercial or industrial use, we have secured high-value sites across the region.

Our Strategic Planning and Professional Project Management enables us to deliver desirable sites for a range of exciting future projects.

We are always looking for new sites to acquire – offering long and short-term investments for us and partnering stakeholders.

Knowing when and where to buy land is one of our greatest assets. As a Midlands-based company we understand the needs of the community and the importance of new developments to support business, investment and regeneration across the area.